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LED headlights for car E2 H4

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LED headlights for car E2 H4

Product Abstract:

30W 2300lm 3000K/6500K/8000K H4 E2 led headlights kit The features of E2 LED headlights as follows: 1. The heat dissipation area is large, the heat dissipation structure is designed reasonably, and the thermal conductivity is high. 2. All in one design. 3.All appearances are exquisite, beautiful, resistant, high-grade, atmospheric; 4. The lamp bead chip uses a large area of luminescent material, and the material is sufficient. 5.The fan has a unique heat dissipation design and is built-in for heat conduction; 6.The drive is designed with a waterproof drive structure. It can be placed in the water for a short time and can work normally. The drive is protected by high temperature, and the temperature will be automatically protected to a certain extent. The low temperature can be as low as -40 °C.

Product Description

Advantages of LED car headlights:

1. New appearance, effectively improve the vehicle’s appearance and enhance the grade of the car.

2. Long life. LED itself is a long life light. The LED car lights almost reach the same life as cars.

3. Resistance of shock and vibration. LED is a solid light source, unlike the light bulb in shock as fragile.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection.LED light efficiency is ten times than ordinary halogen bulbs without pollution materials, such as 9005 LED car headlight.

5. Fast response time and improve road safety. LED car lights compared to the ordinary lights has faster response time of 0.2-0.3 seconds. It equals to human reaction time. That greatly improves road safety.

6. All-in-one design, Easy installation. When installation, no need to change the original car line



The features of E2 LED headlights as follows:
1. The heat dissipation area is large, the heat dissipation structure is designed reasonably, and the thermal conductivity is high.
2. All in one design.
3.All appearances are exquisite, beautiful, resistant, high-grade, atmospheric;
4. The lamp bead chip uses a large area of luminescent material, and the material is sufficient.
5.The fan has a unique heat dissipation design and is built-in for heat conduction;
6.The drive is designed with a waterproof drive structure. It can be placed in the water for a short time and can work normally. 
   The drive is protected by high temperature, and the temperature will be automatically protected to a certain extent. The low temperature can be as low as -40 °C.


LED chips:



Item model



Single bulbs: Positive and negative ;  Double bulbs: Promise master (regardless of positive and negative)


H1H3 H7 H11 H13  H4 9004 9007 9005 9006 880 881 9012 5202




Working voltage

DC 9-36V



Color Temperature




Working Temperature


Beam Angle



Aviation aluminum


Fan-type 10000RPM




12 months, new free replacement in next order if any broken












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