HID Headlight

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 Professional Grade LED car headlights with 2 Year Warranty!

The quality of our LED car headlights is second to none.

Our LED car headlights owns the following features:

1.LED chip is special for automobile(Seoul Y19 chip);

2.Lossless installation, easier for installation;
3.Good performance for heat dissipation, only 70'C on driving Car;
4.Output 4000lm per light for driving safety, energy-saving 50% compared with HID.

5.Longlife span, its lifespan can reach 50000 hours.


Our LED car headlights are comparable to HID xenon bulbs and halogen bulbs.

Many customers are using our LED car headlights to replace their HID xenon bulbs or halogen bulbs. Our LED car headlights give a brighter, 280°beam angle of light, which can increase your safety and visibility. The integrated design makes the LED car headlights easier for installation. You can install it at home by yourself! It has long lifespan, the LED car headlight bulbs last 13 times longer than halogen bulbs and 3 times longer than HID bulbs. LED car headlight save energy very much, it saving energy 50% compared with HID xenon bulbs, and 1000% compared with halogen bulbs.


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