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LED headlight H11

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LED headlight H11

Product Abstract:

LED Headlight Bulbs h11 6000k | LED Car Light Bulbs h11 8000k | Super Bright LEDs LED Headlight Kits take your ride from dull to dominating! Kits feature SOUEL LEDS with high lumen output, more focused beam angle, extra long life, vibration resistance, built-in fans, and waterproof drivers. Easy to install kits make upgrading to a high-end look quick and painless.

Product Description

Product Description

Increase your safety and visibility with this H11 LED headlight kit. Each single-intensity LED headlight bulb comes with a glass sleeve and adhesive film options for changing the bulb's color temperature. The bulbs emit 1,700 lumens (each) of natural white illumination but can emit amber or cool white light by using the sleeve and one of the optional film choices. These bulbs feature 3rd generation cooling technology. They have external drivers instead of short-lived fans or bulky braided heat sinks. This allows for a longer-lasting, more compact bulb. The LED headlight bulbs last 13 times longer than halogen bulbs and 3 times longer than HID bulbs. LED arrays in each bulb are designed to mimic the filament in halogen bulbs—creating a closely matched beam style. These waterproof, CAN Bus compatible bulbs operate within a wide 9-32 V DC range. The long-lasting kit includes 2 LED headlight bulbs, 2 glass sleeves, 8 cool white and amber film sleeve covers, and mounting accessories. Bulbs have been environmentally tested with film and sleeve installed. Film can be removed but not reused. Use glass cleaner on the included sleeve before applying another piece of film. Price per kit.


LED Headlight Kit

H11 LED Fanless Headlight Conversion Kit

High-Power LED Headlights generate heat, which can be damaging to their circuitry. All DG headlight bulbs come with heat sinking options that will protect and extend the life of your headlights. This means that LED headlights require extra space behind the headlamp. Because they lack bulky fans and braided heat sinks, DGR-1 headlights don't require as much space as other LED headlight bulbs, but a mounting area is required for their external drivers. Be sure to check this area under your hood before ordering to ensure that adequate space is available.




LED Brand:


Product model





DC 12V-24V







Beam Angle

360 degree




Over 50,000hrs

Heat dissipation


Color Temperature   



Aviation aluminum


24 months

Working temperature




Available Model

H4/H13/9004/9007 hi/lo beam

H7/H8/H9/H10/H11/H16/9005/9006 single beam


Low And High Beam Headlamps

Fog Light Replacement Bulbs

UTV LED Headlight Bulbs

ATV LED Headlight Bulbs

Power sport LED Bulbs


Six Advantages


Wide Operating Voltage Range                              Plug & Play Replacement Bulb                      High Output

Operating Voltage Range From 9-32 VDC           Easy At Home Installation                                 1700 Lumens Of Cool White Light Per Bulb



Sealed Housing                                                        Wide Area Of Light Dispersion                       Longevity

Dust Proof and Water Resistant                          280° Beam Illuminates the Entire Road         Will Outlast Dozens of Incandescent Bulbs 



Our products passed CE and RoHS certificate.




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