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LED headlight DG-F6 9005

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LED headlight DG-F6  9005

Product Abstract:

LED Headlight Bulbs 9005 copper belts 6000k 5000LM | LED Car Light Bulbs 9005 6000k 5000LM| Super Bright LEDs LED Headlight Kits take your ride from dull to dominating! Kits feature PHILIPS CHIPS LEDS with high lumen output, more focused beam angle, extra long life, vibration resistance, built-in fans, and waterproof drivers. Easy to install kits make upgrading to a high-end look quick and painless.

Product Description

LED headlights for cars 9005 5000lm Japan dual ball fan Philips chips︱9005 6000k LED headlights for automobile︱9005  6000k LED headlights for car

Available model: H4, H13, 9004, 9007, H1, H7, H8, H9,H11, 9005, 9006 etc





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