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how to choose led car headlights
2017-07-26 12:04:32

The automotive industry has evolved a lot, that's for sure. Along with it, headlamps have reached another level and, after carmakers closely analyzed the way halogen or HID lights influence their models, turn to another option: LEDs. At least on paper, LEDs seem to be the solution for mass-produced cars but there are also several setbacks that could change the world's perspective over this type of technology

The working principle of an LED is quite hard to explain, but in short words, they rely on negative electrons moving against positive “holes” across a semiconductor. When a free electron falls into a hole that sits on a lower energy level, it will loose its energy which is released as a photon (the tiniest fraction of light) in a process called electroluminescence
Multiply this process thousand of times per second and you have a continuous bright light being emitted from something about 2 mm wide - a light emitting diode (LED).
The most important aspect when it comes to LED headlights is the fact that they need very low power to work compared to classic halogen bulbs. LEDs are for instance used on Toyota Prius models and on a couple of other hybrids on which electricity plays a key role - not necessarily for the headlights. The first production units were to be found on the 2004 Audi R8.

Generally speaking, LED headlights are stacked in between the halogen and HID lamps regarding their luminescence, but they provide much focused rays and can also be played with to create different shapes. Also, thanks to their small size, LEDs allow for great manipulation, with manufacturers being able to create all kinds of shapes and assemblies that would perfectly match their models, so no more ugly dome reflectors.
· small size, allow great manipulation for various shapes
· very low energy consumption
· brighter than halogen headlights while still offering a warmer light than HIDs
· high production costs
· high temperature created around adjacent assemblies· more difficult to design     and cope with the already high engine bay temperatures

LED Headlight VS original Halogen Bulbs 

How to choose LED Headlight Kit for your vehicle
Step 1: Find out your Headlight Lamps type
The easiest way to find your headlight bulb type is to search for it in the Sylvania website
The two possible results are as follows:
1) Single Beam Bulb - the high and low beams use two separate bulbs
2) Dual Beam Bulb - the high and low beams are combined in one bulb
If your vehicle is not listed on the Sylvania site you could try these other methods to find your bulb type:
•Check your vehicle owner's manual
•Contact the vehicle manufacturer via your local dealer
•Remove a headlight bulb and read the bulb information
*Make note of your bulb type*


You must know the "Color Temp" before you buy your LED headlamp:
please check the following Picture for Color TEMP:

congratulation! you had got your Headlamp type!
Step 2: Purchase an LED Headlight Conversion Kit
Now that you know your bulb type you need to purchase an LED headlight conversion kit. A variety of online stores sell these. The kit we used for this instructable is a CREE LED type that was purchased from


Step 3:  Once you receive your LED headlight  check that you have all the correct components. There should be two LED bulbs, two ballasts and wiring    
Step 4:  Installation

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