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How to Buy LED Headlights
2017-07-28 09:24:07

Step 1.

Test sample before give quantity order. Ask them how many they have sold of this kind products,

usually should >10000pcs (depend on the products), and the successful projects.


Step 2.

Tell the supplier what you need in details, Chinese suppliers can supply products at any prices,

if you want good quality, you must tell directly.


Step 3.

And Visit the factory before loading the first container, find problems with products and reject,

then you would no need fly to China every time before shipping date.



Step 4.

After production then let the supplier keep aging at least 72 hours to make sure LED driver be stable,

and don't forget require the strong packing.


Step 5.

To double insure products can finish before cancel date and quality, better find a local representative help you.

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